Following the snap election, the Conservative party won the most number of the seats, but will not have an overall majority in the House of Commons.  

The progress of the spring Finance Bill 2017 was accelerated due to the General Election and the dissolution of Parliament and, as a result, the Bill was significantly truncated with the proposed new non-domicile rules being amongst those omitted from the amended Finance Bill.  

As the measures had not reached their final form when they were withdrawn,there is some concern that there may be further changes.  Consequently, non-doms who have already acted on the proposed reliefs around capital gains tax rebasing and the cleansing of overseas mixed fund bank accounts will be watching this space anxiously. 

At the time of writing a Conservative-led government is looking likely and it is expected that the changes will go ahead as proposed, but as with most things politics-related, there's no guarantee of anything.