Over the Easter holidays I enjoyed some downtime with my family. My son starts high school this Autumn (feeling old!), so we talked about exams, University, work etc. 

He has started thinking about which University he might like to go to; Cambridge obviously! But at the same time he asks, what is the point of going to Uni, why can't he just start work?

Reading this article about apprenticeships in a pub does make me wonder what the working world will be like when my son reaches 17-18. Will something like the Apprenticeship Levy change the start of working life for many young people and will apprenticeships become the norm?

I doubt this Cambridgeshire pub has an annual paybill (total payroll amount) of over £3m, but it still serves as a reminder that we now live in the world of the levy that came in from the start of the new tax year (6 April).

The levy is charged at 0.5% on the paybill and the money is effectively ring fenced for the company's use within a 24 month period.

While some argue this is just another tax, perhaps it is incumbent on employers to think of different ways of creating new roles that fall within an existing apprenticeship schemes or create new qualifying apprenticeships.

Will my son need to go to Uni (with the associated costs!) or will the growth of apprenticeships change the start of adult life for my son's generation?

However this new world unfolds, I think we will see some interesting apprenticeship opportunities being created and for those reading this that aren't sure of how the Levy will impact them or how they can benefit, do contact PwC as we have a dedicated team here to help.