I'm all in favour of increasing tax transparency, but I'm not convinced that forcing taxpayers earning more than£1m a year to publish their tax records will reduce tax evasion and tax avoidance (noting that in the public mind, the two are now virtually inter-changeable). 

Firstly, it seems unlikely that publishing the tax returns of those with £1m-plus annual earnings will help much with tax evasion- by definition, people who are consciously evading tax tend not to mention this on their tax returns. 

Second, we already have a robust disclosure system in place around tax avoidance schemes, which are reported on the individual's tax return and where statistics are already shared via government webpages. 

And citing Norway and Sweden as inspiring tax transparency to the uber-wealthy might be seen as a little shaky- in these countries, tax information is shared by and available to all citizens - not just the wealthiest. Back to the drawing board??