Throughout Global Entrepreneurship Week it's been really interesting reading people's accounts of who inspires them.

When I first started work with tech businesses during the dotcom boom of the late 90's one company really stood out for me as a trailblazer - and its co-founder, Martha Lane-Fox.  

To see a strong, young, female entrepreneur at the forefront something that was so dramatically game-changing, I found profoundly powerful and empowering as I started out in my own career.  Over the years, Baroness Lane-Fox has used her skills, not just in other tech businesses, but also in public policy and philanthropy, with her contribution ultimately being recognised when she became the youngest female peer in the House of Lords.  She has also spoken openly about her personal struggles and remains a vocal advocate on women's rights and social justice.  To see someone use the platform that tech and business success has given them to continue to fight for people's rights in this way is hugely inspiring.